Birdie NomNom

So there I was playing around with my birdie feet and decided to just make a new outfit with them.  And so became the folder ‘Birdie Stuff’ in my inventory.

The Birdie NomNom’s are suitable for both guys and girls and you don’t have to wear the feathery ‘pasties’ if you feel like it’s too much skin on show.  The legs and tail work fine with your own clothes =)

So now you’re wondering how I went from ‘Birdie Stuff’ to ‘Birdie NomNom’, right.  Well it remained ‘stuff’ in my inventory for a while as I racked my brain trying to think of a catchy name for them.  It was after a friend showed me one of those silly cats youtube videos that I saw in the side bar ‘funny Om NomNom Bird’.  After watching it  hundred times over and over (ok maybe a slight exageration) I couldn’t stop giggling and my birdie feet in SL made me giggle so I had my name – Birdie NomNom Enjoy and have a giggle.


Toilets, Trees, Plushies and Poles

An unusual title for an unusual mix of releases this week.

2prim and 4prim diamond trees. A novelty colourful edition to your home/office garden. Available in purple, white, red and yellow speckled or a fat pack of all colours.

Flushable loo chain necklace.  Surprise your friends when they click your necklace.

Plushie leather lounges only 7 prims and 6 poses included.  Available in black, red, white and swirled leather.

Wooden sign posts ready to add your own store/office logo or even a welcome to our home texture.  Just add your logo to the flat prim in the sign and the work is done for you.  Available in light, medium and dark polished wood.

Pop on over to ZcZ and have a look.  More new releases coming soon.

Accessories and Avvies

Time for some new releases.  Crazy Boggle Glasses and Fruity Avatars.

Let the craziness begin!

A new store location has been found and the first new releases are already up on the shelves.  To celebrate ZcZ reopening it’s doors, all items have been reduced by 50%.  (excludes Operation Squeegee specialised vendors).

Now there isn’t much up at the moment but it’s a start and there are plenty more to come.  To kick start our way back we have rideable heffalumps. Very similar to the ever popular Snorse which is only available at Operation Squeegee.There’s headbands with either rabbit ears and novelty buck teeth or snail googly eyes.  Something a little ‘saner’ for the ozimal bunny lovers – a Bunny Gazebo pen with hutch and sit scripted stump. Wilson the bear needs a piggy back if you feel like carrying him around.  And check out the helli cap…I always wanted one as a kid – and now I have one! My fave by far though is the Madisaurus costume.

ZcZ Is at Operation Squeegee

ZcZ is making a comeback.  And quite a statemented one at that.  Operation Squeegee kicked off today, July 1st, and runs through till July 15th.  Below are the items that ZcZ has made specifically for this fundraiser.  They will only be available at the merchants area for the 2 weeks.

100% of all ZcZ items sold will go directly to Operation Squeegee.  And not only that, we have donated a handful of prizes which are being used in the ‘Eleventy Linden’ Hunt around the merchants area.  Again all those items are only available at Operation squeegee.

Take a peek at what’s available at our stall and pop over for a visit, grab a bargain and help donate to a worthwhile cause.

Hello world!

Zanzibar creationZ will be returning shortly.  Stay tuned for more zany designs!  Please bare with me as this site is still in construction mode and will be updated over the coming weeks.