Let the craziness begin!

A new store location has been found and the first new releases are already up on the shelves.  To celebrate ZcZ reopening it’s doors, all items have been reduced by 50%.  (excludes Operation Squeegee specialised vendors).

Now there isn’t much up at the moment but it’s a start and there are plenty more to come.  To kick start our way back we have rideable heffalumps. Very similar to the ever popular Snorse which is only available at Operation Squeegee.There’s headbands with either rabbit ears and novelty buck teeth or snail googly eyes.  Something a little ‘saner’ for the ozimal bunny lovers – a Bunny Gazebo pen with hutch and sit scripted stump. Wilson the bear needs a piggy back if you feel like carrying him around.  And check out the helli cap…I always wanted one as a kid – and now I have one! My fave by far though is the Madisaurus costume.


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