Birdie NomNom

So there I was playing around with my birdie feet and decided to just make a new outfit with them.  And so became the folder ‘Birdie Stuff’ in my inventory.

The Birdie NomNom’s are suitable for both guys and girls and you don’t have to wear the feathery ‘pasties’ if you feel like it’s too much skin on show.  The legs and tail work fine with your own clothes =)

So now you’re wondering how I went from ‘Birdie Stuff’ to ‘Birdie NomNom’, right.  Well it remained ‘stuff’ in my inventory for a while as I racked my brain trying to think of a catchy name for them.  It was after a friend showed me one of those silly cats youtube videos that I saw in the side bar ‘funny Om NomNom Bird’.  After watching it  hundred times over and over (ok maybe a slight exageration) I couldn’t stop giggling and my birdie feet in SL made me giggle so I had my name – Birdie NomNom Enjoy and have a giggle.


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