ZcZ Goes Gray!

ZcZ is jumping on the Wear Gray express this year.  We missed out last year but made sure to get front seats this time around.  I’ll keep this short and simple.

Wear Gray is an SL fundraiser raising money to go to the American Brain Tumor Association.  There will be a two week market with over 100 stores from all types of genres, auctions and DJ events as well.

ZcZ is offering the below items exclusive to Wear Gray only.

Brain Badges:
There are four in total
Each badge texture hand drawn by myself and comes complete with the pin in the back.
Slogans on the badges are – I support Wear Gray, I ❤ Brains, Brain Power and Use yours and save another.
Brain Thought Bubbles:
These little novelty thought bubbles are floating and rotating brains, complete with veins!
They float just above your head and have a saying for each colour.
Blue – I just had a brain wave.
Pink – Brain Power
White – Got something on your mind?
Each good charity fundraiser needs their own set of wristbands…right?
Four sets are available in rainbow packs of Orange, Blue, Pink, Grey and Red. And each set have thei own slogan on them – Wear Gray, Donate your brain, Save some gray matter and MMMM, Brains.
Captured Thoughts:
A unique Jewelry set of a tiny brains in glass bottle around your neck and hanging from your ears in ropes.
Purple Haze Dress:
A summer feel purple dress with gray waist belt, neck tie and prim scoop skirt with brains around the hem

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