A Special Plurky Gift

Hey Everyone.  I seem to be making a lot of items lately and calling them by the names of my friends in plurk (more to be released soon) so I thought it only appropriate to bring a smile to a close friends face who has been a bit ‘random’ lately.

I give to you……..  The Plurky Petrie – Talking Shoulder Pet.

Plurky Petrie perches on your shoulder and happily chatters away to anyone who will listen.  He comes with 20 pre loaded quotes that he will randomly say in local chat.  All these quotes are things that Petrie has said in either his plurk or his formspring pages.  Your new little friend is mod and transfer so feel free to give him away as a gift if you want and/or shorten his name.  But if you want one for yourself make sure you grab one fast because he will only be out for a short time.

As a special offer I am only offering this talking shoulder pet to my fellow plurkers….since most of SL would have absolutely no idea who Plurky Petrie is or what he is talking about.  There will however be a standard Petrie shoulder pet to be released soon.

So….how to get your very own one of a kind Plurky Petrie – Visit my store in world.  If you are a member of the Plurk! group in SL then wear your tag and touch the sign.  If not – find the group in search and join it (it’s free…yay) then as above.

Any problems please feel free to send me an IM.  Or if you have something that you want named after you and have an idea….then by all means drop a notecard on me.  I’m always open for suggestions.

P.S – may not be suitable for PG avatars/sims as he does swear!


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