Grand Opening of New Main Store

`*~Zanzibar creationZ~*` has a new home.  So we decided that with a grand opening of a new store there must be specials and new releases.  The pics below are just some of the new releases you will find at the new ZcZ.  That’s right….just SOME!  Rors has been a busy little one lately and has a heap of goodies for you all.

As well as the new releases the entire store will be 50% off for 4 days, starting Oct 29th and finishing Nov 1st.(50% sale does not include freebie/discounted items in discount area or New Releases). Add to that there is a dedicated area to discontinued stock and freebies, group gifts for ZcZ Group members – join the group and get regular gifts each time a new release is added to the store, lucky chair…..AND… give aways.

A visitor tracker has been placed at the store entrance and will record each person that walks through the door.  Each day one lucky person will receive a free gift from the New Release Range (including those shown below and others in store not advertised here today) of their choice.  Using Rors’ lucky numbers – 5, 7, 13 & 28  the 5th, 7th, 13th and 28th visitor will be chosen from the visitor tracker and be awarded free stuff!  Here’s the catch.  You can’t TP in over and over and walk through the door to get your name on the list multiple times.  Your first entrance is the one that will be recorded against your name.  You CAN however visit each day and go in the draw for the give aways on the other days as the tracker will be reset at the end of each day.  Rors will decide which number on which day will be the lucky one too….yay for randomness.

So come on down and check out the new store – and while your there check out the neighbouring sims cause ZcZ has some pretty awesome neighbours including such brands as *Dreams*, Sn@tch, Nominee, Pulse, Retox and more!


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