Christmas is coming

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time we see all the decorations and themed attire hit the store shelves.  ZcZ’s first release of Christmasy goodies are the Xmas Antlers.  Available in store now.

Each come in a pack of two antlers.  One plain set decorated as in the pictures but with no scripting.  A second optional scripted pair of antlers.  So depending on your mood you can walk around with snow falling around your shoulders or bells on your antlers that have been ‘shushed’ or give out free mouthy candies.  The choice is yours.


It’s Twisted Krissmuss Time

I’m being ultra lazy and copying from the notecard handed out via the Twisted Krissmuss Signs as they say it all too well –

Twisted Krissmuss is a shopping tour, designed to make holiday shopping affordable. The merchants of Twisted Krissmuss know the economy sucks, and want to help people afford holiday gifts so the holidays don’t suck too.  Every merchant in the tour has made at LEAST one item that is new, transferable, and costs L$100. Many have made more than one – and they’re as good as anything else you’d find in the store. These are no bargain bin items – this is an awesome holiday sale, because the merchants of Twisted Krissmuss want your holidays – and your loved ones’ holidays – to be bright.

ZcZ is releasing the Vienna Combo Pack.  Vienna will be released when Twisted Krismuss begins and is sold as individual seperates.  The Twisted Krissmuss combo pack features a special release in red and green and is a combo pack of the hair, dress AND shoes….all for $100L.  There will be 8 combo packs in total.  Each pack containing the Boots and Dress and each of the four colour packs of hair (Vienna Red – Blondes, Vienna Red – Brunettes, Vienna Red – Reds, Vienna Red – Monochromes and same for the green).

Also available for Twisted Krissmuss is the Xmas Shorty Elf Avatar.  For guys and girls who want to have a bit of fun running around as one of Santa’s little helpers.  Each includes shape, ears with texture change/resize hud, clothing, shoes and hat.

Starting Dec 4th, you can swing by Twisted Krissmuss HQ and pick up:

— A guide book

— LMs to over 150 participating merchants

— A few little holiday goodies for you

— An invite to the group (easiest to get info that way)

— And possibly other cool things. 😉


HO*HO*HO for Mr. Grinch Hunt

The Mr. Grinch Hunt is a fundraiser with a bit of fun.  All hunt items from the 28 participating stores are $1L.  With 100% of all sales from these hunt items going towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

ZcZ’s hunt item is this cute wall hanging.  With a cute little wooden frame around a HO*HO*HO sign and Santa, snowman and Christmas tree perched on top.  The wall hanging is 20 prims and is No Mod / Copy / No Trans and is a one off item exclusive to this hunt so it won’t be available again.

I hope to see you all participating in this event…for under #30 you can pick up a heap of great designs from some great stores and also do your bit to help out the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Happy Hunting


This weeks new release was an idea from a plurky friend, Luna, who was looking for more tutu’s in SL.  So I came up with the TooToo.  A quirky little version of a normal tutu.  Each outfit comes with the ballerina tutu and the ballet slippers.  Here comes the quirk.  There are two skirt options.  One plain for everyday wear, and one scripted.  The scripted option acts as a mini AO.  Just wear the skirt and watch your avatar twirl, hop and jump around.  There is a unique little walk and a comedic run as well.  Enjoy, ballerinas.

AFK Furniture

Do you hate going AFK and leaving you avvie just standing around?

Have you gone AFK and come back to find people standing around yelling at you thinking you are ignoring them?

Want something you can sit on to say you’ve stepped away ?

If you’ve answered yes then you need the AFK Furniture Accessories.  All you do is wear an walk away.  Each piece is unique and announces in it’s own special way that you are AFK.  And just to give those around you something to do in your absence they each have a little clickable area that plays a sound.

ZcZ & HopScotch Colab

I have been bursting with excitement at getting this colab out.  Chandni Khondji and I have worked together to give you the Kenny Mime Costume and Mime Poses.
The Kenny Mime Unisex Costume is available in store now.  It includes everything you need tolook the part of the perfect mime.

Chandni worked her magic on the pose stands and created a fab pack of unisex poses.  Some poses are not unisex but are labelled as male and female.

You can either purchase them seperately from each store (LM’s provided below) or you can grab them in a combo pack and save a few lindens.

Happy Miming

Visit ZcZ

Visit HopScotch

Get Pierced!

Piercings shown below are now available at ZcZ’s new main store.  All piercings are unisex and come on a variety of attachment points for ease of wearing with other piercings.