It’s Twisted Krissmuss Time

I’m being ultra lazy and copying from the notecard handed out via the Twisted Krissmuss Signs as they say it all too well –

Twisted Krissmuss is a shopping tour, designed to make holiday shopping affordable. The merchants of Twisted Krissmuss know the economy sucks, and want to help people afford holiday gifts so the holidays don’t suck too.  Every merchant in the tour has made at LEAST one item that is new, transferable, and costs L$100. Many have made more than one – and they’re as good as anything else you’d find in the store. These are no bargain bin items – this is an awesome holiday sale, because the merchants of Twisted Krissmuss want your holidays – and your loved ones’ holidays – to be bright.

ZcZ is releasing the Vienna Combo Pack.  Vienna will be released when Twisted Krismuss begins and is sold as individual seperates.  The Twisted Krissmuss combo pack features a special release in red and green and is a combo pack of the hair, dress AND shoes….all for $100L.  There will be 8 combo packs in total.  Each pack containing the Boots and Dress and each of the four colour packs of hair (Vienna Red – Blondes, Vienna Red – Brunettes, Vienna Red – Reds, Vienna Red – Monochromes and same for the green).

Also available for Twisted Krissmuss is the Xmas Shorty Elf Avatar.  For guys and girls who want to have a bit of fun running around as one of Santa’s little helpers.  Each includes shape, ears with texture change/resize hud, clothing, shoes and hat.

Starting Dec 4th, you can swing by Twisted Krissmuss HQ and pick up:

— A guide book

— LMs to over 150 participating merchants

— A few little holiday goodies for you

— An invite to the group (easiest to get info that way)

— And possibly other cool things. 😉



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