Colourful Christmas

ZcZ is splashing the colour around this week with some bright releases.  All are available in store now.

Christmas Face Paints:  Dress up  with very little effort.  The Gingerbread Man and Grinch faces paints both come with eyes to suit.  The Rudolph face paint is only a half face mask but cute and christmasy.

Dilly Dolly Dresses – Available in 7 colours.  Each with puffy, cuffed sleeves and short prim skirt with decal buttons and an attaching chain.

Raynbow Bryte Outfits – Available in 5 bright colours.  Each outfits includes Armbands, Top, Shorts (which can be work with a skirt prim to make a mini denim skirt) and Leg Warmers.  Top and Shorts area available on all clothing layers.  Armbands and legwarmers are available on both clothing layers and tattoo layers.


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