Pre-fabs and Mazes

New releases now available in store and on marketplace.  I’ll be releasing some PETITES sized pre-fabs in the near future, so keep an eye out for them.  This weeks releases can be seen in world rezzed on the Asylum SIM if you want to see before purchase.

ZcZ Sarah Maze

A hedge maze / labyrinth.  Decide from the beginning if you take the left or right road.  Only one of them will lead you to the exit.  Be wary of the dead ends and looping roads to nowhere.  (Visit vendor in store to TP to demo area to see the maze yourself).

ZcZ Nadine Shoppe

Nadine Pre Fab with Glass “greenhouse” roof.  Two storey inside.

ZcZ Hudson Shoppe

Cute little slant roof shoppe with ample natural lighting from tall windows.

ZcZ Delilah Shoppe

Inside is only lower level but still plenty of space to add your own shelving/furniture as well as decorate the walls.


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