New Releases with NEW HUD System

I completely forgot to update the blog last week when I released a stack of new goodies.  I need a PA or someone to do this stuff for me lol.  So here is the latest batch of releases which are now out at the main store and also on the MP.  I have introduced a new HUD system for multi colour/pattern choice items so instead of having to choose which colour you want they are now all included and changeable at the click of a button.

ZcZ Whitney Tank

ZcZ Whitney Skirt

ZcZ Millie Top

ZcZ Helena Top

ZcZ Lucie Cami Light

ZcZ Lucie Cami Dark

ZcZ Emma Knit Dress

ZcZ Alice Gym Shorts

ZcZ Alice Boob Tube


If you haven’t checked out Shop Free*Style I suggest you pop on over and have a look around.  It;s a collection of designers from around the grid offering quality clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelery and even poses and furniture for $75 or less.  I have just changed out my items and the below two are available ONLY at Shop Free*Style.

ZcZ Half Hearted

ZcZ Berry Tank Dark


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