ZcZ @ Food Fair

Food Fair is fast approaching and ZcZ has some sweet treats in store for you all.

ZcZ Fruity Manicure ZcZ Fruity Pedicure ZcZ Harvest Thongs ZcZ Healthy Retreat ZcZ Mini Cake Bobby Pins ZcZ Mini Cake Earrings ZcZ Mini Cake Ring ZcZ Sweets Retreat

All items are exclusive to Food Fair.

The SLink avatar enhancement additions include manicure and pedicure with fruity patterns as well as thongs (flip flops) with a texture change option and 6 grape vine patterns.  There is something for the petites with the Sweets Retreat and Healthy Retreat Cottages.  Both cottages are available fully furnished or just the cottage on it’s own.  You can also pick and choose which furniture you want seperately.  All furniture items are fitted with options to seat up to 2 avatars.  Lastly three gachas with mini cake accessories for your hands, ears and hair.