ZcZ @ InWorldz Adult Content Creators Fair

ZcZ recently opened a satellite store in InWorldz.  If you want to know more about this venture please check out the awesome post by Strawberry Singh

Before I go any further I have to warn you there is nudity in the pictures below so don’t scroll if this is going to be a NSFW dilemma.

Bohemia Events in InWorldz decided that there needed to be a fair for the sexy and kinky people.

The Bohemia Colony is pleased to host InWorldz’s first ever Adult Content Creator’s Fair. If you make content that can’t be shown on the IW Event sims, then this is the show for you!

The adult community on InWorldz seems to have found its voice. This fair wants to bring together all of you who supply the sexy and the kinky fashions, accessories, toys, furniture, animations and art . Show off your work to customers who share your interests.

What a great way to announce the arrival of ZcZ in InWorldz to jump on in to a fair.  I have a stack of items for both guys and girls.  SO for those of you that are wandering around InWorldz dazed and confused as noobs, come check out the fair if you need some sexy threads.

I’ll try to leave the nudey rudey ones till last so you don’t get an eye full of boobs on your screen straight away.

=== GUYS ===

ZcZ Georgie Top

ZcZ Surrender Shirts

ZcZ Dundee Undies

ZcZ Jock Sparkle

=== GIRLS ===

ZcZ Half Hearted Crop Tee

ZcZ Half Hearted Crop Tee Dark

ZcZ Juicy Boobies

ZcZ Maia Top

ZcZ Delia Shawl

ZcZ Macie Lingerie

ZcZ Glitter Ball Nipple Covers

ZcZ Trinity Combo

ZcZ Cry Baby

ZcZ Cinched Lips


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