My SLink Obsession

My SLink Obsession opens for its next round tomorrow, on the Slink West sim, and ZcZ has some great bargains for all you SLink attachment lovers.  ((UPDATE – OH. EM. GEE!  I just noticed the typo on my vendor ads for all the mani pedi specials.  Please excuse my ‘release’ typo *hangs head in shame*))

ZcZ Geeky Rogue Mani Pedi Special for MSO

The Geeky and Rogue Mani/Pedi sets are not going to be released in store after the event.  They are an exclusive for the month they are out at My SLink Obsession.

ZcZ Creamery Como Mani Pedi Special for MSO

ZcZ Scratch Mani Pedi Special for MSO

ZcZ Zebra Glitter Mani Pedi Special for MSO

If you love Mani/Pedi’s and want a bargain then why not pick up a two for one deal.  There are a couple packs to choose from.

ZcZ Angel Thigh High B&W MSO Special

ZcZ Miyani Black White MSO Special

ZcZ Miyani Blue Green MSO Special

ZcZ Miyani Brown Orange MSO Special

ZcZ Miyani Pink Purple MSO Special

ZcZ Shark Week Weekly Undies MSO Special

And for those of you with the SLink Physique body, some two for one deals and 50% off clothing items.