ZcZ @ Leaf on the Wind

Have you been by to Leaf on the Wind yet?  It’s a fantastic (if I do say so myself) event that is raising funds for a fellow creator and resident, Scartlet Chandrayaan (Owner of Alouette).  All vendors are a donation of some amount and ZcZ has 4 items available.  Taxi to the event!

The London sweater and Companion Outfit are both 100% of proceeds donated to the event.

ZcZ London Sweater

ZcZ The Companion

The Kitschy Plates Gacha and Rustic Bookshelves are both 50% donation of proceeds to the Event.

ZcZ Kitschy London Plates GACHA

ZcZ Rustic Bookshelves


New Releases – Jan 16th

What started out as a gag gift for a friend has ended up in some novelty crowns for the Kings and Queens of SL.

Which Royalty member are you?
ZcZ Novelty Crowns

ZcZ Novelty Crowns Queens

ZcZ Novelty Crowns Kings