A new group gift has just been dropped in the front of the store.  The Freya spiked nipple pasties are a pink and purple hues version of the new release Miyani Spiked nipple pasties.

Freya pasties come in a silver option only and have 6 pink/purple hue velvet cover choices, changeable via HUD.

ZcZ Freya Pasties - Nov Group Gift


The Miyani pasties come in 3 options for metal colour – black, gold or silver.  Each set has 6 bold velvet covering choices, all changeable via HUD.  As you can see they work just as well for the kinky man in your life, ladies.  There is a set included that has been positioned for both women and men.

ZcZ Miyani Pasties Black

ZcZ Miyani Pasties Gold

ZcZ Miyani Pasties Silver


Shop Free*Style – new items

Shop Free*Style is a great place to grab a bargain or even some free items!  Perfect place for a new avatar to go and grab some inventory to start.  ZcZ has just updated it’s offerings there with this cute jewellery set and hexagon shelving with bonsai plants.  Each is available for the low price of $L25.

ZcZ Gloria Ring and Earrings

ZcZ Hexagon Bonsai