New Valentines Day Release

Single? Can’t stand Valentines Day? Then this new release is just for you! Anti Valentines Hoodies in a range of colours available now at the main store just in time to celebrate your loathing of Valentines Day! Available at the front door for both men and women to suit a wide variety of mesh bodies.

ZcZ AntiVal Femme Hoodies

ZcZ AntiVal Homme Hoodies



The XOXO Hunt is on once again and ZcZ has a set of Anti Valentines hoodies for both men and women for you to win!

All you need to do is visit the main store and say xoxo in local chat near the vendor at the main entrance.  If you are lucky you will win the set for free!  If unlucky then you can come back and try again tomorrow.  However if you are impatient shopper like myself and can’t wait, then you can buy the set at a discounted price of L$50.  These hoodies are an exclusive colour set and will not be released in store after the event ends so hurry and come grab yours today!

ZcZ AntiVal Hoodies for XOXO


Price Crash Sale

ZcZ will be going through some changes in the coming couple of months.  A new store rebuild for one.  But the major part that is happening is that I will be focusing more on original mesh content creation now so all old stock will be making it’s way off the shelves.  Along with that comes a new brand that I will be releasing all my applier items under to keep them separate.  This will include applier clothing, tattoos, makeups and nails.  So to start clearing out stock ALL nailpolish appliers and selected clothing applier items have been marked down to just 25L for the next couple of weeks (before I go on vacation).  Then come July new applier stock and a new store will be making it’s way onto the grid.  Take the TAXI to the store and grab a bargain before they are gone for good.  Just look for the CRASH symbol floating around vendors that are marked down.

Price Crash Sale

*All items will be removed from the marketplace, sale is only for in world items.  Does not include items that come with a HUD for colour choices, or SLink/Maitreya mesh items.  JUST the appliers.

March Group Gifts

New Group Gifts are up now for March.  Mens and Womens tees (individual group gifts).  Womens shirts – If it requires pants or a bra it is not going to happen today.  Mens shirts – If it requires pants or getting off the couch it is not going to happen today.  Both sets have a zombie motif on the back upper near the collar.

ZcZ My Lazy Tee Group Gift

The Kindness Collaborative

ZcZ recently found out about about a new little mall area that has just opened up for stores to provide dollarbies, freebies and items under 25linden.  A few items have been pulled from full sale from the main store and are now extra cheap at The Kindness Collaborative.  This satellite store will remain there always and will periodically have updated freebies added. Come on over and grab some cheapies.

ZcZ LimpDickUnicorn

ZcZ Ice Truck Mulit Mushies Mani Pedi Maitreya

ZcZ Noir Style

ZcZ Bowler Light & Hipster Frame Set

Too Cool for Stools

ZcZ Loriann Necklace Gacha