ZcZ @ The Underdog Event

The Underdog Event has officially open and ZcZ has 5 new Event Exclusive releases as well as a gacha exclusive release.


ZcZ Recycled Wood Fall Decor

ZcZ Fall Leaves Gacha

ZcZ Witch Door Mats

ZcZ Broken Grandfather Clock

ZcZ Bookshelf and Witch Books

ZcZ Altar Box


ZcZ @ The Nightmare Event

The Nightmare event is now open and ZcZ has some weird and wacky nightmare inducing releases.  This event focuses on fears and phobias so ZcZ has chosen releases that are all about the lesser known phobias.

ZcZ Chronophobes Beware Gacha

The Chronophobes Beware Gacha focuses on the fear of the future.

ZcZ Fears Conquered Tophy Gacha

Conquer your fears and mount the trophy on your wall.  This gacha has a number of different phobias inside it.

ZcZ Hooked on Ichthyophobia

ZcZ Pediophobia's Embrace

Two holdable plushies that focus on the fear of fish and the fear of dolls.


Zanzibar Art Gallery

Zanzibar creationZ is proud to introduce the new Zanzibar Art Gallery (ZAG).  The very first release of art is a sort of collaboration with some SL photographers / bloggers.  ZAG has produced mesh geometric art pieces and placed pieces of photos from a group of SL photographers and bloggers onto them.

The opening of the Zanzibar Art Gallery is coinciding with a new event at Havendale Village.  Tonight (Saturday the 12th) from 5-7 pm SLT there will be music from the one and only DJ Apple in the new outdoor ballroom.  The new ballroom is called The Hideaway and there will be games, seating for those that don;t wish to dance, a dance floor of course and many more events to come in the future.


If you would like to join us at The Hideaway tonight please do and while you are there pop on over and check out the awesome photography displayed at the new Zanzibar Art Gallery as well.

Pieces will be available for purchase and you can see the vendor images below.  Actual art pieces are rezzed out though so you can see them first hand in the gallery.

ZAG Weeping Angel

ZAG Walrus Faces

ZAG The Bay Ziekling

ZAG The Bay Ossia

ZAG Sunshine Pals

ZAG Summerfest

ZAG Silence

ZAG Pools R Us

ZAG Netherwood

ZAG My Next Life

ZAG Ministry Hunter


ZAG Long Way Away

ZAG Dark Fairytale

ZAG Cooper

ZAG Bloom

ZAG Bath Time

ZAG Autumn

ZAG Atara

ZAG Lost Dreams


Genre December

Due to an RL move I have been without internet for a little while and forgot to set an auto post for the December round of Genre.  Luckily there are still a couple of weeks left for you to stop by and visit.  This round ZcZ has a Morin Khuur set available.  Sit and play, sit and relax and/or have your instrument rezzed for display purposes.

ZcZ Morin Khuur