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ZcZ for the Jewellery & Accessories Hunt

The Jewellery and Accessories hunt started today and the theme is Bohemian.  Come to the mainstore and search for a brown paper wrapped package (example shown on sign at front of store), touch the package and receive ZcZ’s gift

ZcZ Ferelith Jewellery Hunt Vendor Ad


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ZcZ @ Rewind

Rewind: A 90’s Throwback Event is about to open it’s gates.  In 15 minutes to be precise!  A sim full of all your favourite clothing, hair styles, make up, furniture and more straight out of the 90’s.  ZcZ has four item being released there.  You can visit Rewind by taking this LANDMARK but you won’t be able to gain access until after midnight SLT Feb 10th.  Happy Shopping.

ZcZ 90's Novelty Ring Gacha

ZcZ 90s Nail Art

ZcZ Taylor Earrings

ZcZ Tiffany Earrings

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Shop Free*Style – new items

Shop Free*Style is a great place to grab a bargain or even some free items!  Perfect place for a new avatar to go and grab some inventory to start.  ZcZ has just updated it’s offerings there with this cute jewellery set and hexagon shelving with bonsai plants.  Each is available for the low price of $L25.

ZcZ Gloria Ring and Earrings

ZcZ Hexagon Bonsai

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New Releases, May 4th

Four new randomly weird gachas in the mainstore.

ZcZ CatAssTrophy Gacha

ZcZ Uni Ring Cluster

ZcZ Got you by the balls necklace

ZcZ Construct O Clock


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The Kindness Collaborative

ZcZ recently found out about about a new little mall area that has just opened up for stores to provide dollarbies, freebies and items under 25linden.  A few items have been pulled from full sale from the main store and are now extra cheap at The Kindness Collaborative.  This satellite store will remain there always and will periodically have updated freebies added. Come on over and grab some cheapies.

ZcZ LimpDickUnicorn

ZcZ Ice Truck Mulit Mushies Mani Pedi Maitreya

ZcZ Noir Style

ZcZ Bowler Light & Hipster Frame Set

Too Cool for Stools

ZcZ Loriann Necklace Gacha

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Genre, February – Dark Arts

The February round of Genre opens on the 15th of this month and ZcZ has 3 new releases for you.

The Symbolic Mani / Pedi for Maitreya and SLink (works for guys and girls).

ZcZ Symbolic Mani Pedi

The Sigil Circlets are also unisex.  There is a choice of 4 packs, each containing two sigils, in materials and non materials versions.

ZcZ Sigil Circlets

Rune Ring set is fully customisable.  It is initially fitted for the SLink relaxed female hand but it can be resized and fitted for SLink male hands (my partner tested them successfully) as well as just about any other mesh hand or the standard SL avvie hand.  Requires some knowledge of prim adjusting, but instruction notecard is included.

ZcZ Lotolesse Ring Set

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Grand Re-Opening

.: Zanzibar creationZ :. recently up and moved to a brand new sim and main store.  I’m please to say that it’s now finally ready for a Grand Re-Opening.  The sim itself is worth a wander around if you love the dark and mysterious, creepy, gothic and hellish side of life.  Stop by the new sim and take a wander, snap some pics and come by the store for a stack of new releases to celebrate the re-opening.

New Group Gifts for guys and girls

ZcZ Samuel Sandals Group Gift

ZcZ Samantha Sandals Group Gift


New Releases

ZcZ Hephzibar Flats

ZcZ Hephaestus Flats

ZcZ Tipped Cap Claws Silver

ZcZ Tipped Cap Claws Red

ZcZ Tipped Cap Claws Gold

ZcZ Tipped Cap Claws Black

ZcZ Cap Claws


New Gacha

ZcZ Scuffed Skullie Rings

ZcZ Scuffed Skullie Rings Gacha Guide

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December 13 New Releases @ InWorldz

A very basic release this week as it was something that I was missing for my own avatar after immigrating.  So I decided to throw together some basic unisex piercings.   This is just the first lot, there will be more to follow.

ZcZ Vin Lip Piercing

ZcZ Emmerson Lip Piercing

ZcZ Emery Lip Piercing

ZcZ Avery Lip Piercing

A little treat for the ZcZ Groupies.  Just join the .: Zanzibar creationZ:. group in InWorldz to receive a special gift with each release.

ZcZ Skylar Lip Piercing Group Gift

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Playing Catch-Up!

Since coming back from my vacation I have been busy redoing a lot of my ads, replacing the old logo with my spiffy new one and moving the store to a new location.  In the middle of all that I was at the Black Event and a couple of other little sales things here and there and I totally forgot to update the blog *facepalms*  I will keep better track of it from now on.  Also if you have a Pinterest account you can follow me there as I add all my new releases as soon as they are ready to my ZcZ Pin Board.

First things first There is a new weekly sales event starting next week called Meshie Mondays.  Each store will have an item on on monday, mesh obviously, and for 100L or less. My exclusive item is below.

ZcZ Jolly Jumper Outfit Vendor Ad

I’ve also included all the recent releases that I have forgotten to update on the blog that you can find in the new store.

ZcZ Monster Kittehs Gacha Vendor Ad


Monster Kitteh Gacha can be found inside the store with the other New Releases (Not out in the gacha courtyard)


ZcZ Ardith Exclusive


Exclusive to the Adore & Abhor 5 yr Anniversary sale at the Mainstore

ZcZ Loriann Necklace Gacha

ZcZ Autumn Dress Bouquet


Both the Loriann Gacha Necklace and the Autumn Dress are cheapies at Shop Free*Style

ZcZ Autumn Dress Fields ZcZ Autumn Dress Ocean ZcZ Autumn Dress Sky

Autumn Dress available in 3 patterns

ZcZ Bikini Set 1 ZcZ Bikini Set 2ZcZ Bikini Set 3

Mesh Bikini Sets – 2 patterns in each set with Lola Tango Appliers

ZcZ Charlotte Top and Templeton Skirt

Charlotte Top & Templeton Skirt.  5 Tops included.

ZcZ Greta Barley ZcZ Greta Earth ZcZ Greta Onyx


Greta Combo in 3 colours

All of these can be found at the new store location and on the Marketplace (will be updating MP this week so if something doesn’t appear when you search check back – I could be in the process of adding)

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Do you 52?

ZcZ Owner Arora Zanzibar is participating in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Bloggers Challenge.  So to spread the word a bit more ZcZ is offering free reviews packs for those bloggers out there also participating in the challenge.  Having trouble finding something to match this weeks colour? Want to do something different?  Well then come on down to Zanzibar creationZ and have a look around.  Our weird and wacky creations are usually in a range of colours so you should be able to find something to suit.  Grab the notecard from the sign and fill in your details, along with the item you would like and send it to Arora.  Please don’t be shy.  I know some of you hate asking for review copies but I really don’t mind.  I would love to help out where I can.

It also just happens that the next lot of releases coming out in the next couple of days match next weeks colour of choice for the challenge.

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