ZcZ @Genre – August, Morocco

For the Moroccan theme this round of Genre, ZcZ has a set of lanterns that comes with four glass colour options and 4 new blogger photography backdrops.  The backdrops can be purchased individually or as a fatpack and all items are discounted by 25% whilst at the event.

ZcZ Thulathi Blogger Backdrop

ZcZ Nafura Blogger Backdrop

ZcZ Mukhtal Blogger Backdrop

ZcZ Barid Blogger Backdrop

ZcZ Asheil Lantern


Genre December

Due to an RL move I have been without internet for a little while and forgot to set an auto post for the December round of Genre.  Luckily there are still a couple of weeks left for you to stop by and visit.  This round ZcZ has a Morin Khuur set available.  Sit and play, sit and relax and/or have your instrument rezzed for display purposes.

ZcZ Morin Khuur

Do you 52?

ZcZ Owner Arora Zanzibar is participating in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Bloggers Challenge.  So to spread the word a bit more ZcZ is offering free reviews packs for those bloggers out there also participating in the challenge.  Having trouble finding something to match this weeks colour? Want to do something different?  Well then come on down to Zanzibar creationZ and have a look around.  Our weird and wacky creations are usually in a range of colours so you should be able to find something to suit.  Grab the notecard from the sign and fill in your details, along with the item you would like and send it to Arora.  Please don’t be shy.  I know some of you hate asking for review copies but I really don’t mind.  I would love to help out where I can.

It also just happens that the next lot of releases coming out in the next couple of days match next weeks colour of choice for the challenge.

AFK Furniture

Do you hate going AFK and leaving you avvie just standing around?

Have you gone AFK and come back to find people standing around yelling at you thinking you are ignoring them?

Want something you can sit on to say you’ve stepped away ?

If you’ve answered yes then you need the AFK Furniture Accessories.  All you do is wear an walk away.  Each piece is unique and announces in it’s own special way that you are AFK.  And just to give those around you something to do in your absence they each have a little clickable area that plays a sound.

ZcZ & HopScotch Colab

I have been bursting with excitement at getting this colab out.  Chandni Khondji and I have worked together to give you the Kenny Mime Costume and Mime Poses.
The Kenny Mime Unisex Costume is available in store now.  It includes everything you need tolook the part of the perfect mime.

Chandni worked her magic on the pose stands and created a fab pack of unisex poses.  Some poses are not unisex but are labelled as male and female.

You can either purchase them seperately from each store (LM’s provided below) or you can grab them in a combo pack and save a few lindens.

Happy Miming

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Visit HopScotch