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A new group gift has just been dropped in the front of the store.  The Freya spiked nipple pasties are a pink and purple hues version of the new release Miyani Spiked nipple pasties.

Freya pasties come in a silver option only and have 6 pink/purple hue velvet cover choices, changeable via HUD.

ZcZ Freya Pasties - Nov Group Gift


The Miyani pasties come in 3 options for metal colour – black, gold or silver.  Each set has 6 bold velvet covering choices, all changeable via HUD.  As you can see they work just as well for the kinky man in your life, ladies.  There is a set included that has been positioned for both women and men.

ZcZ Miyani Pasties Black

ZcZ Miyani Pasties Gold

ZcZ Miyani Pasties Silver

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Shop Free*Style – new items

Shop Free*Style is a great place to grab a bargain or even some free items!  Perfect place for a new avatar to go and grab some inventory to start.  ZcZ has just updated it’s offerings there with this cute jewellery set and hexagon shelving with bonsai plants.  Each is available for the low price of $L25.

ZcZ Gloria Ring and Earrings

ZcZ Hexagon Bonsai

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Price Crash Sale

ZcZ will be going through some changes in the coming couple of months.  A new store rebuild for one.  But the major part that is happening is that I will be focusing more on original mesh content creation now so all old stock will be making it’s way off the shelves.  Along with that comes a new brand that I will be releasing all my applier items under to keep them separate.  This will include applier clothing, tattoos, makeups and nails.  So to start clearing out stock ALL nailpolish appliers and selected clothing applier items have been marked down to just 25L for the next couple of weeks (before I go on vacation).  Then come July new applier stock and a new store will be making it’s way onto the grid.  Take the TAXI to the store and grab a bargain before they are gone for good.  Just look for the CRASH symbol floating around vendors that are marked down.

Price Crash Sale

*All items will be removed from the marketplace, sale is only for in world items.  Does not include items that come with a HUD for colour choices, or SLink/Maitreya mesh items.  JUST the appliers.

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New Releases, May 4th

Four new randomly weird gachas in the mainstore.

ZcZ CatAssTrophy Gacha

ZcZ Uni Ring Cluster

ZcZ Got you by the balls necklace

ZcZ Construct O Clock


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New Releases – April 12th & Genre Preview

This will be the last release from the store for a couple of months as I take time off to finish Uni and move RL from Australia to Canada.  Once I have moved and settled ZcZ will be back in business again with all new items.

Todays new release is a big bundle of Mandala Artwork on various shapes and sizes of canvas. Each art work is purchasable separately or in a fat pack of the various shaped frames.

ZcZ Mandala 3R (2)

ZcZ Mandala 3R (1)

ZcZ Mandala 2R

ZcZ Mandala 4S
The April round of Genre starts in a few days and ZcZ has three items up for grabs.

ZcZ Vera Swimsuit

ZcZ Imelda Dress

ZcZ Adeline Swimsuit

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New Release – March 25th

Just a novelty quick release for today.  ZcZ will have some event releases coming up soon then a short break as Arora moves international in RL.

Conversation starter slippers that can be worn by guys or girls and work with mesh flat feet as well as standard SL avatar feet.

ZcZ Gilmore Slippers

Purchase inworld or on the Marketplace.

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March Group Gifts

New Group Gifts are up now for March.  Mens and Womens tees (individual group gifts).  Womens shirts – If it requires pants or a bra it is not going to happen today.  Mens shirts – If it requires pants or getting off the couch it is not going to happen today.  Both sets have a zombie motif on the back upper near the collar.

ZcZ My Lazy Tee Group Gift

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The Kindness Collaborative

ZcZ recently found out about about a new little mall area that has just opened up for stores to provide dollarbies, freebies and items under 25linden.  A few items have been pulled from full sale from the main store and are now extra cheap at The Kindness Collaborative.  This satellite store will remain there always and will periodically have updated freebies added. Come on over and grab some cheapies.

ZcZ LimpDickUnicorn

ZcZ Ice Truck Mulit Mushies Mani Pedi Maitreya

ZcZ Noir Style

ZcZ Bowler Light & Hipster Frame Set

Too Cool for Stools

ZcZ Loriann Necklace Gacha

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Valentines Weekend Special

Lounging around the house doing nothing with your valentine this weekend?  Then have some fun and slide around in your Super Sixx Socks!  For this weekend only they are reduced to just 14L.

ZcZ Super Sixx Socks

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Genre, February – Dark Arts

The February round of Genre opens on the 15th of this month and ZcZ has 3 new releases for you.

The Symbolic Mani / Pedi for Maitreya and SLink (works for guys and girls).

ZcZ Symbolic Mani Pedi

The Sigil Circlets are also unisex.  There is a choice of 4 packs, each containing two sigils, in materials and non materials versions.

ZcZ Sigil Circlets

Rune Ring set is fully customisable.  It is initially fitted for the SLink relaxed female hand but it can be resized and fitted for SLink male hands (my partner tested them successfully) as well as just about any other mesh hand or the standard SL avvie hand.  Requires some knowledge of prim adjusting, but instruction notecard is included.

ZcZ Lotolesse Ring Set

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